It takes courage to confront ourselves and to be willing to grow.  I applaud your courage in seeking out individual psychotherapy with me to begin your journey of growth and discovery.

Growth does not just come from learning new things (such as from a book) or surviving hard times.  Resilience is born not only out of overcoming difficult circumstances but being able to make emotional and logical sense of why this difficulty happened, how it impacted me, and how it has changed me for the better.  Resilience is about turning suffering into flourishing.  Resilience cannot be achieved overnight and often requires careful systematic processing, understanding, and healing.  Individual therapy can be the container in which such healing can take place.

Individual psychotherapy is a unique relationship with a trained psychologist where you will be able to discuss, explore, and learn new strategies in order to –

  1. Experience stress and symptom relief
  2. Solve problems and get answers to questions you may have
  3. Try new ways of coping with your life and the world
  4. Build a holistic sense of flourishing, happiness, and satisfaction in your life and relationships
  5. Develop relationships that nurture, support, and enhance your well-being

I am trained  as a clinical psychologist with a broad understanding of psychological disorders and several major models of treatment.  I have over 25 years of experience as a psychologist in community, hospital, and university settings.

I also bring a holistic healing perspective to psychological health that integrates body, mind, and spirit.  Using the wisdom from both western and eastern medical systems, I offer traditional as well as complementary health strategies on overcoming depression, anxiety, or other psychological distress.

My commitment to you, my client, is to be ethical, transparent, and available as your advocate and healing support.

Our therapeutic relationship will be based on mutual trust, compassion, caring, and focused attention on healing.  While it is not a “real” relationship in the ordinary sense of the word, a successful therapeutic relationship can help you experience what a healthy relationship feels like and know what it means to be in connection with someone who supports you unconditionally.



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