Couples Intensives

I offer assistance to couples through multiple modalities.  For detailed information on each type of service, please click on the links below.

Weekend Couples Retreats

Couples Therapy

It is through relationships that we are able to experience fully what it means to be human, to be our best selves.  Individual desires, longings, and dreams are realized within the context of relationships.

When two adults come together in love and passion to form an enduring bond with each other, they form the kernel of society.  As an expression of their love they begin to experience the world together, they set up a home, have children, or give to their social and religious communities as a couple.  Through this joint expression of love and shared meaning, they make an impact in the world.

Relationships make us grow, sometimes in wonderful inviting ways and sometimes in difficult painful ways.  We cannot help but confront the limits of our own complex self as it tries to negotiate for voice and expression with another complex self and it is at the boundaries of these limits that each person brings to a relationship that we become capable of generating creativity, resilience, and fulfillment.

But adult committed and enduring bonds of love and attachment are not easy to maintain and cherish.  It is relatively easy to fall in love, it is much harder to nurture and enhance that bond through time.  We all get stuck in familiar and new ways as we try to grow together and separately.


Concierge Package

Couples Therapy does not have to feel like a painful archeological expedition.  Working to enhance intimacy, friendship, and sex while also learning skills to manage conflict can be surrounded by luxury, pampering, breaks from talk therapy to do experiential activities with your partner, and a relaxed, fun atmosphere.  In other words, a White Glove Retreat Experience.  Let’s us organize a concierge couples intensive for you with some of the following unique elements:

  • A Relationship Tour Manager who takes care of reserving rides, restaurants, or evening activities so you can experience relationship building by day and entertainment and romance by night.
  • Snacks and drinks that nurture and pamper you from protein bars, munchies, and smooth chocolate to unique refreshing drinks (non-alcoholic of course) that will hydrate, nourish, and satisfy your stomach and your heart as you do the intensive emotional work with your spouse or partner.
  • Want to take a break from talk therapy and connect with your partner in a body or heart centered experience?  Let us organize an hour or two of movement, art, or other romantic experiences that can accentuate your bonding beyond words.  Choices include a couples yoga therapy session, tango lesson, a Liquid Floats experience, or a couples massage.  Want to be adventurous, then let us organize a hike, a rock climbing session, or a Watsu massage and take your couples intensive to a whole new level.
  • Want to have a customized gift basket prepared especially for the two of you by our intimacy specialists, our nutrition specialist, or our stress relief expert?  Just let your intake coach know and we will have a scrumptious basket for you to enjoy while you are here.
  • Finally a concierge couples intensive comes with the highest level of excellence in your couples counseling as in the rest of the retreat experience.  With proven techniques, a solid backing from relationship science, and expert counseling by Dr. Vagdevi Meunier, you can expect optimal results on your investment of time and money.

The Concierge package is a customized package that includes couples counseling as well as additional services that are contracted through our partner vendors.  All services are negotiated ahead of time and may involve additional costs in addition to the counseling service.

Standard Package

The standard package is what most people think of when they think of couples counseling.  Talk therapy that is conducted by a seasoned and trained couples therapist using effective and proven methods based on relationship science.  The standard package can be customized in terms of hours, start and end times, and number of days.  It does not include any premium services.  The Standard package fee is based on a hourly rate (ranging from $150 to $250 an hour) which will be negotiated prior to the start of the intensive.  

Budget Package

The budget package is for couples who cannot afford the hourly rate but would like to experience the sustained focus and attention of working in day long sessions for two or more days.  The Budget Package is based on a small group experience where two to four couples are invited to participate in two or more days of intensive learning, skill building, and repair work in their relationship.  Led by a team of counselors who are associates of Dr. Vagdevi Meunier, the format and structure of the budget intensive follows a structured couples retreat. The cost of the budget package will range from $750 to $1500 for a two day intensive with up to four couples in attendance.  The cost is negotiated prior to the start of the intensive based on number of couples as well as length of intensive.  

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