What is AyurPsychology?

AyurVeda (a sanskrit word meaning knowledge or wisdom for life) is an ancient medical system of knowledge and interventions that was developed in the Indian subcontinent some 5000 years ago.  As the system of wisdom was developed, it become so comprehensive that it covered every conceivable aspect of human life including physical health, spiritual health,

Gentle Startup: The Formula

Emotional communication requires different skills than business communication.  In a business, teaching, or informational setting, the goals are often clear.  One person has information to give and the other person knows their role is to receive it and take action or learn and grow.  Both people are there to get a task done and move

The Benefits Of Getting Fresh Air

Close your eyes and think about the last experience you had outdoors in a beautiful location.  As the image forms in your mind, see if you can also recall the sensory experience of being outdoors.  The smell, the gentle breeze blowing on your face and skin, the warmth of the sun, the sensations of contentment

Fitness, Health, and Happiness

The key to fitness is cultivating a positive state of mind and adopting a motivated perspective on life.  Everyone can improve their fitness regardless of whether your physical health is at its optimal level or not. First of all, fitness is NOT about weight loss. So let go of the notion that a certain physical

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