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Eden Asset LibraryClose your eyes and think about the last experience you had outdoors in a beautiful location.  As the image forms in your mind, see if you can also recall the sensory experience of being outdoors.  The smell, the gentle breeze blowing on your face and skin, the warmth of the sun, the sensations of contentment you feel in your body.  This is an experience your mind, body, and spirit crave on a regular basis.

If you are much like the average American citizen, you spend way too much time indoors, bathing your body in artificial light, and straining your eyes with too much time in front of computer or television screens.  Your body and mind literally get stale and deflated over time without a breath of fresh air.

So go outside your home or apartment and spend at least 30 minutes a day just relaxing and taking in the fresh air, the sights, sounds, and smells, and the invigorating feeling your body experiences from the wide open space.  If you live in an urban, smoggy, or cluttered environment, then find spaces outside your town or city to visit at least once a week.

meditatorHowever, don’t just give your body a breath of fresh air.  Consider another metaphorical meaning of the title.  Give your mind, your heart, and your spirit a breath of fresh air too.  You can do this by reading something new, having a brand new experience or trying out an activity you have never done before.  Your brain craves new learning and the more you give your brain the non-stressful, playful, effortless learning of something new and delightful, your brain, and following that your heart and gut, grow new neurons!  Did you know that?  Your brain makes new connections and actually produces brand new cells throughout your life time.  You can help your brain blossom by feeding it the fresh air of new ideas and new experiences.

Don’t wait, start today!  Your body, mind, and spirit will thank you for these gifts.

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