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finding peaceThe key to fitness is cultivating a positive state of mind and adopting a motivated perspective on life.  Everyone can improve their fitness regardless of whether your physical health is at its optimal level or not.

First of all, fitness is NOT about weight loss. So let go of the notion that a certain physical weight, appearance, or even a set of accomplishments in the gym will make you fit.  People who are constantly chasing a fitness measure rarely enjoy life as it is happening and often fail to achieve the expectations they set for themselves, so the chase is never ending and the consequence is constant feelings of failure or disappointment.


startwhereyouareFitness is about starting where you are today and finding something you can do that will help you feel good about yourself at the end of the day.  If you are suffering from depression, OCD, or another psychological disorder that limits your physical activity, then set your fitness goal in terms of small behavioral changes you can make in the moment, in the next hour, and by the end of today that you know you will attempt with ease.  Appreciate and celebrate all positive attempts and achievements and set small goals that constantly build on what you were able to do today.

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